Edizione 2014
Over 600 runners registered for the Dolomites Sky Race
martedì 17 giugno 2014

A passage in the snow
A passage in the snow

All the Team Crazy Idea top runners confirmed their presence.

One month to go to the 17^ edition of the Dolomites Skyrace® and the entries have already reached the maximum numeber admitted of 600 athletes! Another great goal for this amazing race that once again will recall, with the Vertical Kilometer on Friday 18, more than one thousand runners in Canazei for the Skyrunning SWS Series 2014.

Another important result for President Diego Salvador and his staff, all of them very proud of what has been achieved during the years, thanks to hard work amazing racetracks and sceneries that will host, once again, two legs of the SWS Skyrunning 2014. In the week-end a 
briefing is scheduled for the Organizing Committee to decide for the closing of the entries in advance. With regret but this would probably be the decision to take to grant a high-standard organization of the event. 

Top runners belonging to National and official teams are to be added extra of the entry lists of the 600 runners admitted. Among them all the champions of the Crazy Idea Team, our new supporter and sponsor of the Dolomites Skyrace, will take part to the races just like Tadei Pivk, Davide Pierantoni, Giovanni Tacchini, Stefano Butti, Gil Pintarelli, Laura Besseghini and Elisa Sortini and the two French champions Matheo Jacquemoud and Alexis Sevennec and the Italian athlete of Greek origins, Maria Dimitra Theocaris.

Another edition of great expectations, with the Kilian Jornet Burgada’s records of 2h00’11” in the Dolomites Skyrace and 32’43” in the Vertical Kilometer obtained last year in the men rankings and Emelie Forsberg’s record of 2h26’00” (obtained in 2012) in the Skyrace and Antonella Confortola’s record in the VK (39’13” nel 2008) to beat. 

Another edition, with the racetrack to change depending on the snow, still abundant on the racetrack of the Dolomites Skyrace both in the Forcella, always in shadow, and up to the Piz Boè, while the Vertical Kilometer racetrack, exposed to the sun, is almost ready to be preapared and traced, as reported by the race director, Ivano Ploner. But snow is no problem and the race will be renewed and changed, just like last year. What is needed is good weather on the days of the races!

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